I can’t believe it is almost August and it will be time for the conference soon in Buffalo. My boss and I will be presenting at the conference on “Getting started on the right foot with Therap.”  We also have all out staff that plan on attending the conference signed up and ready to go.

We are also looking to move forward once again with rolling out the billing module in Therap. We put it on hold for a little while due to staff having conflicting schedules.

I just came back to work this week after a wonderful visit with my 2 nephews and sister that live out of town. We took them took a few parks and let them go swimming at grandma and grandpa’s house. It was tough coming back to work this week but I made it! Emoticon showing smiley face I still have my 2 fur babies waiting for me every day when I get home from work.

Trillian & Buttercup

Trillian (left) & Buttercup (right)

Who wouldn’t be happy to see these cute little faces?

My cat Trillian got out of the house on me earlier this month and was gone for almost 3 weeks. She is an in-door only cat and I was a nervous wreck while she was gone. I am happy to say she is now safe and back home where she is happy and healthy once again.