We have been busy at LifeQuest .  I’m sure everyone can relate to the amount of work it is to have training that involves ALL employees.  We had two days this week and two more next week to accomplish this.  During this training we are reviewing our current process for utilizing PCT tools, celebrating our progress in the last few years in “listening” better to what people want and need and unveiling our next step to making the process of using PCT tools even better.

Implementation of PCT Tools is not about “completing another form” and finding a place to file it within Therap.  It is about a process of discovery.  It is about a culture of learning that helps everyone involved grow personally and professionally.  During a recent webinar I shared a bit more details regarding our journey of discovery.  Click on the link to hop on over to Allison’s blog and check it out.  I’d appreciate any comments or feedback that you might have – bscott@lifequestsd.com.

I’d also love to hear about your experiences with the use of PCT tools.