Welcome, Vicki Erdie from Ulster-Greene Arc to the herd of nerds we affectionately call Certified Geeks Nerds Therap JunkiesTrainers.

Picture of Therap's Certified Trainer Vicki Erdie

Here is what she has to say for herself:

Over the past 3 years at Ulster-Greene Arc, I have worked as the Therap Administrator.  Prior to taking on the role of Therap Administrator I was a Day Hab Manager for 7 years and Direct Care in both Residential and Day Hab for 4 years. I provide training and oversight across our agency  and have done so throughout the implementation process. I have been known to answer the phone at odd hours to provide assistance as needed to direct care and management.  I am always looking at how an electronic system impacts services and supports for the individual. Working with other agencies and brainstorming ideas and pulling from each other’s knowledge has helped us stream line some of what we do on Therap.

I have BA in History from SUNY New Paltz in New York.

(Allison’s Note: All I can tell you is that this woman was made to do webinars so keep a look out for her!)