Hi all,
So it’s been a week since the Buffalo Regional Conference but I have been so swamped I haven’t been able to blog. One of the main things I find valuable with the Conferences is the networking you can do with other agencies. It was great meeting new people as well as seeing the usual gang. Jill MacLeod from Aspire came up with a great idea and just sent out an e-mail today about it. We would like to get all agencies in our area, that are using Therap, together on a bi-monthly basis. These meetings would include PAs and any other staff members that feel that they would benefit from some insiders (Therap) chit-chat. This would not be Therap sponsored, but will be totally Therap member agencies driven.  If you are in the WNY area and have not received an e-mail about this, and would like to join, please send me an e-mail @ lsojka@se-works.org. This is a great opportunity to share ideas and issues with others from our area.  I am looking forward to this and I hope all Therap members from the area will be as excited.  Thanks all and have a great Holiday Weekend!