I attended the Therap Conference at the Holiday Inn. It was nice to finally put faces to the names of the different Therap staff I have emailed and talked to over the phone.  Now I am looking forward to the national conference in January 2014. Thanks to the people who attended the conference it’s always nice to see how other agencies are set up.  We also got some feedback from another agency that has their billing module set up and is already billing through Therap. Thanks for the help and pointers we appreciate the feedback.


We met with some of our billing staff this week to work on rolling out more of the billing module.  The business office staff had a lot more questions than I had answers for. At this point we figured it would be easier to have Jim from Therap come to CSDD to help us get started.  We are hoping to meet with Jim in September so we can get the rest of the billing piece set-up.  Now Jim and I just need to stop playing phone tag so we can get the meeting set-up! Emoticon showing smiley face