Hi folks, just a quick update regarding the Texas conference. Sadly Allison Dudo did not make it… something about a plane failure or change or something. I think she was just tired of talking about pivot tables and intimidated by Texas heat. After jockeying for who would take the all intimidating pivot table session (Damien should have done it) I got to review GERs, reports, admin roles, TMS and TMS part deux. The main goal was to not create something for attendees of the conference that was meaningless or absolutely false. Sorry Allison there were no pivot tables in my sessions. We had a good two days with Jim, Anna, Brent and certified trainers. Attendees were awake (that’s good) and came with questions. By the end it was like camp… we all knew each others faces and most of the names. I promise to write this year but forgive me if I don’t. XXOO Shannon