When I started at my company in 2010 having recently graduated with my B.A. I was shocked by the utter lack of computer use. We were literally the missing link in the evolutionary chain. Stuck somewhere in late 1999 waiting for the 2k bug to hit. Anyhow there were a few stone age workstations and almost all documentation was done by hand, with only a select few having computer access. When the company announced in  2011 that we were adopting Therap my dormant desire for workplace efficiency via technology was awakened. I embraced Therap as my partner in modernizing the job we do and the place we work. We have implemented T-log, Scomm’s, GER’s, Health tracking, MAR, ISP, IPOP and we track organizational trainings. We have since purchased many netbooks for staff to use for documentation and have helped many old souls learn the basics of computer use while simulateously becoming more efficient in the care of our clients. I have had the privilege of learning Therap with the help of  Kristen Thompson (Northwesterner who got lost and wound up in Florida) who is an awesome and amazing person and is sitting across from me blogging.  I look forward to blogging as an outlet for poor humor and information sharing about our adventure in the realm of Therap, ( The realm of Therap is to the south of Winterfell in case you were wondering).

Until next time,