It was not 40 days and 40 nights, but at times it did begin to feel that way, especially for people who felt the full impact of the floods, and especially given our normal semi-arid climate. The rain began in our area (Greeley/Evans, CO) on Monday, September 9th, and did not quit until early Monday morning, September 16th (yesterday). More than 20 inches of rain fell in mountain communities, many of which are so incredibly damaged with no road access and certainly without fresh water. Rescues happened – and are still happening – by zipline and by helicopter. Weather reporters indicate that Weld County received (only) between 4 and 5 inches of rain, but being downriver, we have received those 20 + inches as well. Many communities in Envision’s catchment area, all of Weld County, are significantly impacted. We continue to try to contact all of our clients, families and staff to assure they are ok and to see what we can do to help. Envision is located in the city of Evans, which has a compromised sewer system due to the floods (the water treatment plant is under water), and we are under a “no-flush’ rule – an inconvenience at best given the devastation for many that has resulted in total loss of homes and belongings, and I believe 8 lives at last count. That is expected to rise, but we pray it rises by very little, as more people are found and communications are re-established. Many, many Colorado communities are impacted by the flooding, including mountain communities of Estes Park, Lyons, front range communities of Ft. Collins, Longmont, and Boulder, in addition to the northeastern plains communities in Weld County and those beyond who just began to receive the flooding waters over the weekend and will continue to do so throughout this week as the water continues it’s path of destruction. Water that will now just sit until it slowly trickles on downstream or evaporates over time. Meanwhile, the clean up has begun. We are beginning to collect funds from all employees and board members who are willing and able to contribute to help anyone with a need. My family has been very fortunate, as our home was 3 – 4 blocks from the flooding to the south and to the east, and about 10 blocks from the closest flooding to the north. My extended family – children and grandchildren, siblings – living out in smaller towns across eastern Colorado were also spared any flood damage, for which we are eternally grateful, and we can deal with the imposed travel restrictions due to damaged or no longer existing roads or inability to flush for a few days, which is annoying and sometimes frustrating, but it is nothing compared to what others are facing. Please keep all Coloradoans impacted by floods in your thoughts and prayers, and contribute through charitable organizations if you are interested and able. We have a long road ahead, but we will get there!