Hi Everyone,

September is here and we have a bunch of things going on with Therap. Jim Kelly will be coming to CSDD on 9/26/13 to help with setting up the remainder of the billing module.  Plus we have a couple of our residential houses piloting the personal fiance module. There have been a couple of things the staff noticed when we got together to play around with the module. One of the things we noticed is that there is no place to list the individual’s handling limit, for it to show up on the monthly transaction report. Also we did not see a spot for a Program Coordinator or Site Manager to show that they reviewed the file (ex. an audit). I did contact Therap and made these suggestions to them so I hope they consider adding these suggestions. In the mean time we will continue to pilot the personal finance module and decide from there to see if it will be beneficial for us to use it.

We also have Kevin doing a webinar for us on 9/20/13 to show the behavior staff how they can do behavior tracking on Therap.

You can tell that fall is in the air in New York. It definitely has felt like fall weather yesterday and once again today. I am not complaining either. I am not a fan of humid weather and would have to say that fall and spring are the seasons I enjoy the most.