Gertrude Stein stated “Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.”  I agree with that statement 100%.  For me anyway, I am overloaded by information all day long.  People asking questions, phone requests as well as email requests.  My first reaction is to go to my technology and see what it says for an answer, not taking into account my own common sense.  I am so worried about what Bing or Google has to say about the answer that I don’t really think the problem out and use my fully capable brain.  I think we need to start looking into what the world says around us and use our common sense as appose to what does the technology says.  No I am not anti-technology, in fact I love my job as a technology administrator, but it is important to unwind the brain and take a look at what is going around you and use your common sense before you go to the technology.  I have found that I get better results with my common sense than going to Goggle or Bing.

Thunder and Molly