One of my favorite times of the year – but sadly, I have not come up with any creative costume ideas this year! Since I am out of time, unless I am struck my a bolt of inspiration yet today, I will likely put some blue color in my hair, temporary tattoos on my face, find something odd in my closet (yes, I do have some odd clothing), and dress up tomorrow as either an aging teenage wannabee (oh to be young again! but retain the knowledge and experience of my years …) or an indeterminant alien. We will see what occurs. I have a meeting to attend tomorrow in Denver where there will be State employees, so will likely attend by phone. Not that I would be embarrassed, but do not want to be a potential distraction from the business of the meeting! Yeah, I’ll just stay here in Evans for the day. That way I can be sure to be home in time for Trick or Treating kids!

Flood recovery in Colorado is still underway. Still a lot of people hurting and working on recovery, but a lot already re-settled as well. The destruction was amazing to see, but even more amazing is the speed in which roads were re-constructed (even though mostly temporary fixes) and re-opened. Each time I drive on the one road closest to where I live that cut Greeley off to the east, I see different things each time that attest to the power of flooding rains and rushing waters. Wow.

Therap, Therap, Therap! I have not tried anything new for awhile, and we are not currently looking to add additional modules to what we are now doing, so I am spending far less time in Therap than previously. However, I am playing more with reports, trying to find data that we need in a manner that will be most useful and easy to locate. So today I downloaded multiple reports from multiple places in Therap, deleted columns, sorted, added formulas, added colors, and other fun stuff. I was able to create 3 different reports that will each give me a part of what I was trying to find, but none that give me all that I want. Hmmm. I have saved and sent them off to others here, to be certain that what I created is indeed what everyone else wants, and if confirmed, will see if I can either find in Therap or have Therap create for me a report that combines all desired information, or start playing to see if I can combine the information in the reports through use of pivot tables. I do not have a lot of experience with pivot tables, so it will be an interesting effort. However, I do know how to read instructions, and can usually figure out what it is I want to do if it can be done! And I think I understand that we can combine information from one or more tables as long as there is some common data in each report, right? We will see how that goes. Hopefully it is not too frightening an endeavor.

If you enjoy the day, have a frightening Halloween!