The 22nd & 23rd of October were spent hanging out with other Therap nerds and potential clients in West Palm. A few things about the conference stood out to me:
1. I found myself selling Therap to a few potential clients who were asking me questions about how it could benefit their program. It was great to explain how Therap had transformed communication in our Program and how it could impact theirs. Barry later shared that one of those guys signed his company up!
2. Sometimes I feel like we are the only ICF in Florida. It was awesome to sit through many of the same sessions with other ICF rep’s and bounce questions off of each other on how our programs work and utilize Therap. We talked alot about IPOPs and ISP pertaining to the annual support plans. I taught somebody about the witness statement component of a GER and together learned about Pivot tables from Kristen.
I picked up a cool idea about using the Photo album on the Individual home page to post pictures of proper repositioning for clients and enjoyed great food all the while.
Much thanks to Barry and the team for a great Conference!