Okay, okay, so I am late for Halloween, but keeping with the theme, I can’t think of a much scarier story than the leap to paperless documentation. “They” have been warning us for years about the end of paper, oh yes, it will always have it’s place, but our world would not be it. Oh, we thought it was a fairy tale meant to scare us, such a thing could never happen, but it has, our world has changed. So, with much fear and trepidation, we adapted. All of the sudden, I could see if someone was allergic to a medication without calling the nurse, I could see documentation for a whole year without sending at least eight people into tailspin of copying and pulling files. Maybe the paperless boogeyman was a myth.

So, we embraced the new world, and have lived in it for several years now. i must admit, I was one of the fearful ones, always keeping a hard copy “just in case”. For those of you that are new to Therap, the fear does subside, and the ease of the program takes over, and one day you realize that the paperless boogeyman was a figment of your imagination and is not waiting around the corner to steal all of your data and that instant access is waiting to make your world easier if you can get past the fear.