My organization started a brand new project on October 7th called the “Treatment Mall”. For anyone who does not know what a Treatment Mall is it is a lot like High School or College. Our clients attend treatment related classes from 9:00 AM-4:00 PM Monday-Friday and are not permitted to go back to their living units during this time. Being a 24/7 Treatment Center that houses 56 clients it was important to us to expand the type of active treatment we were offering so that every client was able to immerse themselves into the Therapeutic Milieu. As you can image this program has taken a lot of effort on the organizations part to successfully create the Treatment Mall and so far it has worked out pretty well. One of the main components of any project like this is how to create schedules and keep attendance. I first thought that we would be able to utilize Therap’s wonderful Training Management System but after some trial and error I realized this would not work. One component of Therap that is working very well is the Attendance Module, after a lot (hours and hours) of data entry (not my favorite part of this module and I honestly thing that this could use some vast improvement) we are up and running. So far most of the staff are liking how fast and easy it is to enter date and absolutely love the reports that are able to generate. I’m looking forward to seeing what other components of Therap can be utilized to help me with the logistics of the Treatment Mall but right now I’m just happy that the Attendance portion of this process seems to be working well.