Hello All!

I really am excited to be an Official Certified Therap Trainer!!!  I know there is so much more to learn and really I can’t wait.  Therap was just introduced to Nebraska a few years ago.  Very scary at first not having all of the paper to HOLD in your hands when looking at data or bring “the big books” into the meeting.  Really our staff where very skeptical about all of this!  “What happens if the site goes down?”   Well I am very thankful that there are many different servers “just in case”.  Our staff have taken very well to all of the new things we had done and what we continue to add to what we are doing!  Running reports by a click of a button, who knew it could be that easy and really NO more paper cuts YEAH!

But, I really have a question for all of you…. are you ready?? Pointers… I want pointers… anything you got throw it at me (softly) or any secret tips about presenting to massive amounts of people? We are using iPads at our residents for documentation is there anything better/easier that any of you are using?  Documenting medications on the Android application is so slick, but again we are using Apple lol.  I have so many questions, I’m just so curious about lots of things! Emoticon showing smiley face Thanks for hanging in there with me I promise I’ll get better at this as time goes on!

Post #1 done!

Thanks Everyone!