I recently did a webinar which i thought went pretty good. I don’t know about everyone else but even with planning it out and having an outline I always feel like I forgot to talk about something or went through it too fast.

Our agency is moving forward with everyone doing ISP’s or at least almost everyone, we still have the logistics to figure out for those that don’t work at one of the houses or office buildings. there is the issue of hardware, viruses on personal devices etc. Our IT guys are working on policies and procedures surrounding the use of personal devices. Meanwhile everyone is anxious to get started.

Now that we have gotten past Thanksgiving and are full swing in the holiday season things are getting busy around here and I am preparing to take some time off work to be home with a new litter of puppies that are due in less than 2 weeks. I’m sure that I will be doing some work from home during that time but oh well that is life and at least I get to be at home with the Emma and her babies.

I hope that everyone enjoys the holiday season and doesn’t let it get them too stressed out. Take some time for yourself and relax.