We just starting rolling out the therap android app at TRC and response so far has been great. We set up one of our IRA’s as well as our Individualized Services program with a tablet to get some feedback and it has been extremely positive. Many off our staff feel that it is quicker and more effeccient to use the tablet and app as opposed to the desktop computer when documenting ISP data. It has also been nice as an administrator to see photos of our individuals completing milestones and signing for verifiacation of their services. Our group home manager and nurse have also found it useful to review data as well as the MAR to make sure everything has been completed. The password reset function for therap administrators is also very efficient and easy to use. There are still a few improvements we would like to see to the MAR on android but i am thinking this is something we will be rolling out to the rest of our homes and other programs as well. I would definetly encourage others to give it a try!