It has been a very busy past few months. Mosaic is now working on implementing the remaining modules of Therap at all once (with the exception of TMS), which includes Billing and Health. ISP’s are almost done, and a lot of data has been entered. I will be attending the National conference in Kansas City with 2 of my colleagues, where I plan on presenting for 2 different topics – GER Tracking/Trending and TMS/LMS (using them together!). Which brings me to the fact that I have been extremely busy the past few months, and haven’t even started on my presentations! I started using a free web product called Producteev in October and absolutely love it! Anytime someone asks me to do something in person, over phone or email – I create a task and assign a date in Producteev. It even allows me to forward emails and auto-create the task. It reminds me everyday what is due and what is past due, so I have been getting a lot of emails telling me that my presentations are past due. This has been a lifesaver for me, especially since we are now required to clean out email on a frequent basis and not use email as a filing cabinet (which I had done for years). I used to search through my mountain of email to make sure I had everything done and didn’t need to follow-up with anyone. I also use Producteev to schedule recurring tasks like credit card statements and time-cards.  Now, if I could just get a break from new requests, I think I can work in some time this next week to get my presentations done. Hope to see you all in KC!