Well as the title states it has been hectic around WNY. This is the first week that we have had to work a full five days in a month! I know, sounds rough doesn’t it? I’m exhausted. We had time off for the holidays and then, after we survived the toughest day to go to work (the First Monday after New Year), we got hit with the BLIZZARD OF 2014! We were closed for 2 days! Thankfully we did not lose electricity and Therap was accessible the entire week of the BLIZZARD OF 2014. Sorry about the caps but that’s how all the news stations posted it, pretty funny.  I guess capitalizing makes an event look worse than it is.  Don’t get me wrong it was bad but but only for about 3 days.  I still remember the BLIZZARD of ’77 which shut WNY down for over a week!  At least snow melts (which it has).  I hope everyone else has fared well this year. I am disappointed that we are not going to National this year but for all of you who are, have a great time, you will learn alot. Take care.