Ok after the lovely Stacy assisted me I can now blog here is something fun certified trainer facts….
1. Apparently I am not the only one who doesn’t blog…but I’m in the top ten
2. Yay we learned about going to other conferences and now we all are volunteering for the Hawaii conference.
3. Is it possible to buy blog posts..
4. Moodeling not what I thought
5. It’s a log in name not the first stripper name…
6. Hmmmm tiny bar suddenly appeared in front of our certified trainer meeting….
7. Damien’s certified trainer blog video….yes I think so stay tuned kids
Well I have had a wonderful first day great to see my summer camp friends and even learned some new stuff.
Love, peace, and cocktails my certifiable therapites ooo I’m tipsy wall is moving oh wait it is hahaha ttfn….