What an eventful month! Georgia has been a “hot mess” since the snow storm in Atlanta. It is amazing that a few inches of snow can shut down Atlanta. When I say Atlanta though, you should realize that Atlanta actually spans 28 counties and is about the size of Massachusetts. And I have also heard that the mess in GA has caused problems for people in other states catching a plane home (wink to Allison).
So what did we learn from this? Well, first off, I would not suggest living in the Atlanta area when (yes I said when!) the zombie apocalypse hits because you will never be able to get out of there regardless of what is on “The Walking Dead.” Second, don’t send your kids to school when you know bad weather is coming even if it is open – spending the night at school or on a bus is not fun. And finally, Georgians make really ugly snowmen and if you are going to write your name in the snow on your car and date it – make sure you have the right year. Gee Whiz!