Hello all. I am writing my first blog as I am a new Certified trainer and at the trainers’ session we were encouraged!. It took me a while to log in but I realized it was not my own incompetence. Thank goodness..My name is spelled wrong but I will just go with it..
My coworker and I had a good time at the conference. Would love to visit light and power when it is warm out but maybe better we did not as we may have ended up like some others and have our stay cut short!! Our wonderful cab driver filled us in on some excitement we missed.-luckily. We both presented at the conference and both sessions were well received- (so we like to think anyway)..Looking forward to next year in Atlanta- can’t be a snow storm 2 years in a row.! But us Buffalonians can take it ..
We felt very proud of what our agency has accomplished so far in Therap. We are using most of the modules and will be adding intake and elimination shortly and the IPOP’s. Also working on getting our Day Hab agencies linked so we can do COIS- scomms. We are utilizing almost all of the health care modules including CCHIT and CHAT . Love all the acronyms. Still not using the GER as we have to deal with IRMA but it sounds like others are using it so it something to consider. Until next time, Hola
(Leaving for vaca in PR so I am practicing the only spanish I know.!!)