Ok, so this is my first blog entry… ever… anywhere. Facebook rants do not really count.

My agency hopes to implement TMS this year and from everyone I’ve talked to, it’s both easy and hard at the same time. Just like everything else in Therap, it appears to be all about understanding the cause and effects of things.

So, I’ve set up some classes and courses in a demo account to mimic a few classes at my agency. I was going to pilot TMS with a real program at work but decided that this is a safer way to play around (I wish TMS was available in Test Mode).

What I’m worried about are those subtle (almost hidden) details that affect how TMS works. For example, I just learned that you can’t assign a trainee to a supervisor unless there is an individual enrolled in a program.

Are there other “tricks” like this about TMS that others have learned? Thanks!!!