Hi gang,

Well, I sure missed seeing everyone at the National Conference and hope you all had the best time ever!  And congrats to the new Certified Trainers, maybe with so many CTs my lack of blogging will go unnoticed…shhhh, don’t tell. ;)

Our annual survey from the state is underway at our three ICFs and this is the third year of survey and Therap!  First of all, the surveyors love the user friendliness of Therap, as do we all.  But now that we finally have more on Therap than not, we only rolled in one cart of paper documentation for them, which is a big improvement – trust me.

I think my favorite part of the process this year was the level of comfort the managers and supervisors now have with Therap.  In years past, they looked to me to find most everything in Therap, but not so much, anymore.  Although, I did get a great opportunity to use the T-Log Reader report – found in the agency report library – and it was nearly perfect (I wish that we could search for the T-Log by Form ID instead of date.)  Now we need an SComm Reader report, to show when/who read the SComm!  Unless you are the sender of the SComm, you can’t see who read it, and let’s say the sender of the SComm is out of state on vacation when survey comes…how do you prove that the information in the T-Log was read by the staff person???  Well, the answer is tons of activity tracking searches…but an SComm Reader report would be better!

Hope everyone is staying safe and warm this winter season amidst the various Snowmaggedons occurring across the country!  Florida had that one day that was kind of cold…

Stay classy, CTs!