…to come up with ideas to write in this blog!  I calendar the need to write, but then when my calendar pings at me, I find myself at a loss for what to record for posterity, or any other reason.  So today, what is on my mind?  Besides Allison’s email that reminded me that I have not written a blog for awhile?  Lots and lots of things – I/DD determination changes in Colorado (ok, that was in August 2013, but I have an appeals hearing Thursday, so it is on my mind), billing Targeted Case Management units – yes, Therap helps, but cannot make them remember to record all of their activities!  Um … Supports Intensity Scale, Quality Improvement Strategy, and Incident Report Trend Analysis.  Oh, wait … that last item would be great to blog about, and ask the rest of you all what types of IR Trend Analysis you use and how you use the reports available in Therap to help support trend analysis!  So, do you and what do you use?  I have absolutely no use for the reports that tell me how often a GER is viewed (is that helpful for anyone out there?  If so, please enlighten me), but find difficulty generating reports with other information that I would like to have.  Still trying to figure out how to get everything I need out of Therap without needing to supplement with other data.  Once I could do that, I could make a pitch for using Therap GERs exclusively without having to record the information in yet another database just to get other reports (yes, we do still use another database, sadly)!  Feedback would be most welcome.  Maybe I will write more on this topic in another blog, taking the time to first gather my thoughts.

What else is on my mind?  How about The Walking Dead?  Yes, yes, I am a fan nerd.  LOVE IT!  The character development and storyline is so much more than the undead – they are just background, really.   So GLAD it is back on again for another 8 weeks, before heartbreak again strikes.  The only difficulty is that I lie in bed Sunday nights thinking about how the Zombie Apocalypse would affect me and everyone I know.  Probably should record it and save it to watch on Friday night; but who can stand to wait that long??  Hmmm… no electricity, so no electronic record keeping in Therap.  Would any of us take time to assist the people we serve today to try to survive, or would it be a free-for-all, everyone for themselves kind of thing?   It would be a rough situation, so likely only the strongest and luckiest (unluckiest?) would survive, even briefly.  I think I would like to survive – but only if I could hang with a Daryl and Michonne; I would likely be the Hershel character, or so I would like to think (would love to be Michonne, but have to be a realist…).  So what does The Walking Dead or Zombie Apocalypse have to do with Developmental Disabilities services or Therap?  I have no idea.  However, I will ponder that thought and look for a correlation before continuing this post thread, if I ever do.  Meanwhile, in a grisly way, it kinda fits with the season … Happy Valentines’ Day! I’d chews you! ;)