Several months ago, I was told by someone that she heard a manager say, “Does Eddie have nothing better to do than to review my Therap stuff?

Then it hit me… perhaps people don’t understand the concept of quality assurance.   Could it be that what I assume is a common concept is lost on some people?  I can only imagine what this person thought I did at work all day.  “Is Eddie bored so he is checking my documentation?

When I teach classes about reviewing Therap data, I explain the concept of quality assurance.  “How many of you worry about your engine falling apart when you’re driving your car?  No one?  Why don’t you worry about it?  Could it be because you trust that the car manufacturer has some sort of QA process to ensure the quality of the product?

I usually see some eyes light up as the concept of QA suddenly sinks in.  I further elaborate that QA is a continuous feedback process to ensure certain standards are met.  It’s not necessarily punitive in nature, though the lack of improvement may deem otherwise.  It is a process that all managers should be doing with their employees to evaluate performance.

To really drive home this concept, I break it down into these steps:

  1. Determine standards and expectations
  2. Clearly communicate these standards and expectations
  3. Train and provide resources on how to meet these standards and expectations
  4. Evaluate performance against these standards and expectations
  5. Give feedback
  6. Re-train as necessary
  7. Repeat Steps 4 through 6

Wow, this ended up being a longer blog entry than I expected… perhaps I am bored :)