Our facility (ICF/DD) recently started to transition our Support Plan documents to Therap. We chose to utilize a combination of the IPOP’s General & Residential. The combination answers the questions we felt were most pertinent and we have each discipline (PT,OT,ST, RD etc) attach the assessments to IPOP in PDF format (Un-editable). It’s not a 100% fit but as we came to learn, many of our forms/req’s were as our E.D. put it, “Our own self imposed shackles”. After the annual Support plan meeting we mail the IPOP’s to the Guardian & Our District APD Rep.

Both of the IPOP’s have an Acknowledgment option for in-servicing staff which we love (Staff are aware of our requirement to acknowledge all IPOPs and ISP Programs) and anytime theres an update to an IPOP they have to re-acknowledge.

We are now capable of eliminating our Antiquated Client Books as we now collect all of our data with ISP programs, SP is on IPOP and all Demographic info is on the EDF.

Side note: I was n DC a few months back at the Museum of American History and can you believe  a few of the items on display were a VHS player, A computer mouse & a cassette tape & player? #Thatmomentwhenyourealizethethingsofyouryoutharenowantiques

Also this # used to be the pound sign. IJS