What the heck is a Super Admin anyway?  Some would say they are the ones that have “All the Power”, some would say “just a fancy title”, and others would say that is me, I am a “SUPER ADMIN” J  Your half right and half wrong, if that is even possible.  A Super Admin is a user that has the ability to have complete control over the system for your agency.  Complete control means the ability to admit individuals, create and delete users, reset passwords, add templates, adjust caseloads, etc.  In the smaller agencies it is the Executive Director or the CEO, in the larger agencies it can be a variety of people from the Director of the Residential Program a program coordinator or even the HR Manager.  With the Super Admin role you want to keep it to a limited number of people due to the influence that this person has over your system.  I recommend that there be two maybe three people depending on your agency size.


Up next in the coming weeks will be the some more admin roles that we will review.  Take time and review who has Super Admin rights in your agency, maybe you have too many people and maybe you don’t have the right people taking care of the job.