Well, Hello Everyone! March is here and it’s time to blog for this month!

I am very excited to say that I made it through my first time ever presenting a webinar! But, I almost did not make it lol…. I really thought it was going to be easy…No big deal…No one looking at me….I can’t hear/see people yawning….THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!!!…..I was wrong!!! I think that this webinar thing is way worse than standing in front of people. I have determined I LIKE to see people and have them see me, see their facial expressions!!! Those are things that I think help you learn what you need to beef up on!

Pointers for all of you that are getting ready to do your first EVER webinar:

1. Practice to your empty room (it’s a lot different then you think)
2. Write your key points down
3. Get some ear buds/head set with microphone for presenting
4. Make sure your computer is updated so nothing pops up
5. Remember to BREATHE
6. SLOW DOWN: it will be over soon
7. Make sure you get your point across on what you are teaching!!!

No, it really was not that bad! Just talk to Allison before your presentation; she makes everything better and will have your back!!!!

On another positive note… Things have been going pretty great since we have gone paperless. Everyone can find the documentation no matter what/where it is. No papers being lost in transport!

Just want to wish everyone luck in their upcoming webinars!! You’ll do great!

Remember: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! :)

Peace out!



(ALLISON’S NOTE: Envisions is so paperless, it is NOT EVEN funny. I know this to be true!)