More times than I can count over the years, family and friends have commended me for my choice of profession. “Oh, God Bless you, it takes such a special person to do what you do!”. Invariably I would cringe at the words.   I never once thought of myself  to have any  more unique traits then the next person.  I like people, working in the field  of intellectual disabilities guarantees I work with people, they are just that….people.    Over time my role has evolved, I don’t get to do the direct care I once did, thankfully I will typically run into someone in the hall and I am reminded  why I come back each day.    I look back over the last 23 years and recall those people who left  great impression on me I can  recall many people who I was connected to  in some way.     For whatever the reason, I often found myself most drawn to the people who had autism.  They  made me want to learn more, grow more and do more.   Hearing this article on the national news today reminded me of those days.  Hope you enjoy too.