Well, a number of things actually!  The ISP Agenda is to be used as an itinerary or outline to be followed at the annual ISP meeting (or quarterly mtg., etc. as applicable).  The Agenda allows information from the Personal Focus Worksheet to be selected as Individualized Items for discussion along with providing the option for any other additional items to be included for review as well. The current approved Action Plans & ISP Programs can easily be pulled into the Agenda from the Individual Support Plan with the ability to attach an ISP report along with each applicable Action Plan & ISP Program. 

Once all Individualized Items, Action Plans & ISP Programs, etc. are included, the ISP Agenda can be approved and printed off for each ISP attendee.  This is helpful as it allows everyone to see and follow the topics being reviewed, plus; the Agenda provides a writing space next to each listed item for note taking.  After the ISP meeting, the option to select “Record Meeting Minutes” is available at the bottom of the Agenda.  This will then allow text to be entered into the blank areas in which the notes were taken.  It also provides the option to indicate the outcome for each Individualized Item such as “Discussion Record”, “Deferred”, “Action Plan” or “Issue Resolved”. The Agenda also allows external documents to be attached if applicable. 

Once the meeting minutes have been entered and the Agenda is saved, it is complete.  The finished product can then be reviewed in Therap by the team members, and if needed, it can be printed off for those who may not be linked into the Therap program (family/guardians/etc.).  When reviewed in Therap it does allow you to open and view the links to the Personal Focus Worksheet, ISP Programs & ISP Report, as well as any external documents that are included.  Personally, I have found the Agenda to be very helpful when organizing and leading an ISP meeting and very effective in getting all of the finished information to everyone when complete.  I guess that’s what is so great about the ISP Agenda!!!