I had the pleasure of assisting an agency in our area that is just starting Therap. It was awesome to be asked to show some of our Therap tricks and tips and see relief on their faces as they now are understanding some of the process. They were also relieved to find out that our agency also felt overwhelmed at first and that we quickly got into the Therap routine as I assured them they would. It was great to get positive feedback from them on what I shared with them and I mentioned that because I am a Certified Trainer they can feel free to contact me anytime. I told them to please not struggle with Therap and that Certified Trainers are available to help. I think some people feel like they are bothering us if they ask for guidance so maybe we need to spread the word that we are here and ready to help. Anyways it was a good experience that benefited all that attended. Here’s to looking forward to April and warm weather because I forgot what warm weather feels like. Take care everyone.