Hello to all of you experts. This is my first Blog and may seem a bit dry but I want to pick your brains
I have learned by trial and error the process of moving individuals from one program/site within our agency to another. Our individuals are set up in programs by site name. So each program is a caseload assigned to staff who work in a department which usually has 3 sites in it. They get 2 profiles, one with the main site they work in and one with the other two sites. Today we are moving several individuals from one site to another – 4 different sites are involved-which may also be in a different department. A day prior- First I enrolled them in the program- and left them in the old- temporarily. Then I copied each ISP program and added it to the new site with a new create date- day of move, and title change (- just added a period or a dash). They can be approved if the create date is the day of move. I submitted them, waiting to approve until the day of the move so they would not show on individual home page. Then the day of move I waited until morning documentation was complete at old site and I d/c’ all programs at old site and approved all programs in new site. I now have to create all new habilitation plans in the new site as Hab plans can not be copied to new site. I leave the old Hab plan approved until the monthly note for the current month is done as we use the Hab checklist for our monthly note. Once that is done I will approve the new Hab plan and d/c the old one. The data for the new month will then appear on the hab checklist- which we use in NY,. At that point I discharge them from the old site. Does this sound right?.Did I forget anything?? If anyone has a better way please let me know. Thanks for your input.