Hello All,

So we (64 bed ICF/DD) just recently completed our annual AHCA licensing and we did a phenomenal job! As a part of the process we gave the 3 member survey team usernames and passwords to login to Therap and access our documents. We have set them up with  caseloads with view access for all clients(Survey 1,2,3). The surveyors had no issue accessing our support plans/Ipop’s, T-logs, Appointments  and the past years worth of Incident reports. In fact the only thing on paper they needed was the POS (Physician orders) to compare to the MAR on Therap and meds they watched us pass. So i guess the moral of the story is the historically tough surveyors who wanted everything printed out are starting to soften up a bit and embrace this century of the electronic record.

I’ll write again post Delaware conference : )