Hi Everyone!

So its a beginning to another month and here we go with another blog! :) I tell ya what this Nebraska weather sure is crazy 70+ degrees one day and then 42 the next and freezing/snowing at night. Nebraska sure does play a good April Fools! :)

Anyways getting on with the task at hand!… I had an issue come to light and I just wanted to share… I went to pull an ISP data report (there is a new great button with the update new button-data collection monthly) and there was no data there actually there was no data on any of the reports I pulled???? I was ready to cry then I got to thinking.. Hummm the staff that would have collected that data no longer works here (that never happens right?), I deactivated her…. so I reactivated her and POOF there it was! So this got me thinking there has to be a better way to pull reports that show data even if it was completed by a deactivated staff? RIGHT? The answer is YES!!! Was I happy to hear that!

I never have used the report library and let me tell ya I am going to start. Whether or not you have an active staff or a deactivated staff the documentation is there NO MATTER WHAT. It is a bit hard to read depending on what you are looking ( lots of data depending on how you pull it) for but, I would suggest using that. All of the information that I needed to find was there. Way better then actually just searching the data day by day by day… I did not want to waste all that time. So just to recap… If you want to find data no matter what go to Agency reports (if you have that access, if you don’t ask for it) Report library and there are so many different things you can look up it’s just wonderful.

Ok well that is all I have for today! Hope you all are having a great week!

Peace out!