As I’ve come to various Therap Conferences, have met my fellow trainers and spoken to various agencies I’ve discovered that everyone uses the Therap Financial Module differently. Some use it to track individual petty cash, to house petty cash to just tracking house expenses. This got me to thinking.. I want to hear everyone else’s ideas and how they use it. Below, i’ll detail out how we use Therap Financial in my houses, and how well it works.

First, We use our Therap Financials to track everything that the individual may have for financial tracking. We have quite a few individuals with our CEO as the Rep Payee. So we track all of their data in therap. From all deposits: wages, SSB, SSI, random funds, to all their expenses: Room and Board, debts, groceries, clothing purchases, etc.

We also use it to track Gift cards! For an individual who has a gift card, we can track purchases and accurately account for all the funds. We just set it up as a new checking accounts and label It with such as “walmart gift card5867” with the last 4 digits of the card number. This helps us keep track in the event that an individual may receive multiple gift cards for the same place and we can always know what was purchased.

I LOVE that we do this. I can easily see and track all expenses, the rep payee can pull reports and know that day their accounts balance without having to go into online banking. Also, I can go in and search for all items over 50.00 and be able to add them to the Personal Property list if needed as a double QA check.

For us, only DSP2’s and above have access to the financial module, as not everyone needs to be privy to the individuals personal information. It’s also great since if an individual wants to know, we can pull it up and show them. by scanning in and attaching receipts and bank statements as well, it just makes life a little easier.