YAY Tampa!!! Whew…. What a great time. This was my fourth Therap Conference and as a trainer it really is a different experience. Thanks to all of those who came and shared their stories, it really helps so many.

I do have to say that what I think I learned from this conference, more than anything else is the importance of that KEY word…. Implementation!! It was definitely the hot topic at this event. While listening to questions and discussions I found myself in a flashback to my first conference. Approximately 10 of my peers from UPARC and I went trotting down to West Palm Beach in the Fall of 2012. We had already decided on Therap and wanted to listen and learn. I think I had been in the demo account a handful of times but that was about it. I clearly remember sitting in several sessions thinking I was surrounded by people speaking a completely different language and almost feeling ‘out of my league’. People had their laptops, tablets, etc., and I was sitting with a notepad trying to figure out acronyms and unsure what to write down.

Flash forward 19 months and here I sit thrilled and overjoyed with Therap. Here at UPARC we really rolled out our implementation quite rapidly. LOL (then insert clearing of my throat and return to serious mode). Yes, there are still things that need to be changed, updated, re-trained….. BUT, I know we felt that way even before Therap.  It’s been a whirlwind but I can guarantee that no one here would want to take it away or do without. As we emphasized at the conference, everything is at your fingertips, in a moments notice and trees ARE being saved. Big hugs and high-fives here!

Therap for those who have never used it is a very large undertaking. TALK to other organizations that use it, join a conference and ask the questions! Get on here and email Certified Trainers and get their input. It really is the best place to learn.

Again, I want to thank those who came to the conference… I really learned so much. Thanks to those of you who sat in my session where I actually said ‘frontwards’ in my training HAHA. Also a big thanks to Kristen and Scott for putting up with the newbie!!

Looking forward to many many more!!!
Till next time Therap Nerds….