So this was the 1st year of the Tampa conference and I am very thankful there are now 2 FL conferences. Tampa is def closer to Central FL and the other providers are closer as well which gives us some literal common ground. I loved hearing the perspectives of other providers and got to see our own implementation of Therap in light of other agencies roll outs. I had a conversation with another ICF admin where we were talking about the same thing but called it by different names and genuinely had each other confused. It became quite evident that we all have the same protagonist in our lives A*D ( I don’t want to say their full name for fear of getting a citation) and Barry definitely knows Food!!!! My highlight was definitely teaching GER’s which is far and away my favorite thing in Therap considering I approve about 40 a month in my day job. Look forward to future Tampa conferences and whatever working relationships we develop with other great folk like Kali and her people.

And on a side note be sure to watch World Cup in a few weeks and support team USA!!!!