Hello All!

So I got to thinking the other day about when we first implemented Therap in Nebraska!  Looking back when and what we started with to where we are today I just can’t believe it.  I have some suggestions to new users before jumping in and wanting to use EVERYTHING take a step back and make a list! lol Yes, Therap does make your life easier keeping track of everything from doctor appointments to medications to programing and data and everything in between but don’t bite off more then you can chew! Make a list of the items you would like to use.  Start slow so no one is feeling overwhelmed!  Start with a few things and let staff/management get use to them (get good at them) then pilot a a few people with the next item on the list you would like to implement!  Eventually everything you would like to use will be there but this way everyone is comfortable with everything being implemented before adding more to think about! Just keep breathing and in no time you will have used it for years!!! :)


Just a friendly hint!