“The rule for effective governance is simple.  It is one Ronald Reagan knew by heart.  And one that he successfully employed with Social Security and the Cold War.  When there is a problem, you fix it.  That is the job you have been sent to do and you cannot wait for someone else to do it for you.”  Chris Christie

Governance within any agency is critical for the operation of the agency, but what people don’t remember that there needs to be some type of governance over your network, but also with the management of Therap as well.  You can’t just “fly by the seat of your pants” when it comes to the management of Therap.  By having a policy and even a procedure about the management of Therap will assist in keeping the people support’s data safe.  Some ideas about policy and procedure include:

  • Where are you going to allow the DSPs access Therap?
  • Who gets to document information about a person supported?
  • Who can read General Event Reports?

Having a good foundation makes for the best care you can give a person supported.


Fun Facts about government


  • During World War I, the US Government tried to rename hamburgers as “liberty sandwiches” to promote patriotism.
  • The Constitution was “penned” by Jacob Shallus, A Pennsylvania General Assembly clerk, for $30 ($726 today)
  • The youngest people working in Congress are pages.  These are high school juniors carry legislative documents between the House of Representatives and the Senate.  They also help answer phones in the party clockrooms and deliver phone messages to Congress members.