Our agency is going ahead with Therap billing!! I am the administrator so I have had the pleasure of spending hours on the phone with Heather – who has been great. She has walked me through the process so I have been busy creating description codes, attendance types, and service authorizations for each one of our individuals for each program… My eyes are bleeding.
We originally thought we would bill thru ISP programs but back tracked and switched to attendance billing. I had to make quite a few isp program updates as we originally thought we would want to have the hospital and therapeutic leave days show on the checklist as billable so we created new scoring methods with that option but then found out we do not want them to counted as billable as that would reflect as a face to face in the attendance module. So, back I went and discontinued and copied all the affected programs to reflect our original scoring methods with the non billable option. Of course all the hab plans have to be updated too.. live and learn. We have one more scheduled conference call which will be our first practice billing then we should be ready to start our new NY daily billing process electronically. We will be attending the Buffalo conference next week and hopefully we will pick up other pointers so we are successful in our launch. Just a side bar- Was very excited today when I discovered you can select both an approved and discontinued hab plan when accessing hab doc records or checklists.!!