Allison I am back from CT FMLA : ) Newborn in mid June takes readjusting to life. Back to the joys of blogging  ;(

So life in the ICF setting had grown rather mundane for me. Happily, I was just a few weeks ago presented with a great opportunity to come over to the dark side and assume direction of 17 Group Homes. Yes I know I must enjoy a level self punishment for agreeing to take on this task but for me it is conquering the other side of the coin of DD Residential services. All new rules/regs and challenges.

In relation to Therap this move has re-energized me as well. I feel at the ICF I was Admin of, we were at the top of Therap mountain with not many other frontiers to conquer but here, here in the GH’s oh we are climbing out of the valley. So there is lots to do on many fronts.
My 1st small victory is the following: We as a company utilize TMS and keep PDF’s of all certs there. APD (Agency for Persons with Disabilities) does their monthly inspections of each home and they are looking in particular for Med validations & med class certs. They want to physically see the certificates and therefore have been issuing us notices of noncompliance (nonc) for lacking the physical certs on site. So I decided to show up at each of our scheduled walkthrough’s the past 2 weeks and show on the computer these certifications to the APD rep. We as an agency had also created their own login for APD but I was told by the inspector they weren’t comfortable navigating our system and would not log on. Unless myself or another supervisor was present at each walkthrough to show them, we would continue to receive these nonc’s.Anyhow that is not feasible going forward so at a regularly scheduled meeting at the regional gov office I met with the supervisor of licensing and showed them how to login and what our system was. They were very receptive to the method and indicated they would share this with the team in the field.
Sure enough at our next walkthrough where I was unable to attend, the rep from APD made efforts to logon and see our certs that way. It appears the nonc’s have stopped on this issue and the TMS system has prevailed!!!
On to the next battle………..