The new iPhones

This week Apple unveiled the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. While the improvements to the phone such as larger display and faster processor are nice, it is a far cry from the innovative changes Apple has been known for. Many have said one of the glaring features that Apple is loosing ground on is it’s Siri assistant. While the first Siri was revolutionary, they claim Siri have significant shortfalls when compared to Microsoft’s new assistant, Cortana. Are there some differences? Sure. Are they that expansive? I doubt most users would note the difference.

Many criticize Apple for the “Retina display.” It isn’t true HD. My response is…It’s a mobile device! If you want true HD go home and watch your television! The “Retina display” works just fine. In most cases, I do not notice a difference.

There has bee much criticism about the size of the iPhone. In recent versions of the iPhone, the display size have increased. The 6 comes in two sizes! I am interested to see, but my prediction is that the 6 will do much better than the 6 plus. Who wants to walk around with a belt clip for your phone?

The bottom line is that apple continues to innovate, the change is in our level of expectation. As Apple continues to create new ways to impact our lives, our expectations about what is possible also go up. This is what creates the sense of disappointment in the product. It is an inversely proportional relationship. As expectations increase, satisfaction decreases.

Until next time, just a thought from the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs; “Our goal is to make the best devices in the world, not to be the biggest.”