Whenever I do a presentation I like to start with 2 things:

1. Announce the presentation title and the time frame.

This gives me a familiar place to start thereby getting me to a calmer, less nervous state. It also gives those in the audiance a chance to get up and leave if they are in the wrong room–it happens.

2. I get a feel for my audience by asking general questions about their experience in the area I am about to present.

This gives me a chance to change my agenda to better meet their needs, or to tell the few they may be in the wrong presentation. Nothing like training at the very basic level of a subject only to find out your audience is at the expert level. At this point I know if I should fall back, move forward or turn the presentation into a Q&A amongst the experts in the audience.

Since this is my first blog I thought I would start the same way I start a presentation (OK I have to skip #1 because I have no title or time frame) but good grief the nerves are still there! So I go to #2 and ask……WHO ARE YOU?

Who are the folks that read these blogs? What are your expectations from these blogs? OK that was getting to psyche-like. So just one queston….Who are you?

I am Sue Buffum. RN. 2nd year Therap user and first time blogger. Whew…first step done.