Therap allows the persons we serve to have access to their accounts. It allows them to track their spending and record their balances monthly. They get all of this in real-time. This feature is located under the individual tab and it’s called Personal transactions. The persons I support carry bankcards and they either carry them on their person or it is stored in their secured safe in their home. It allows the staff that support the person to record the transaction, upload the receipt and record what was purchased in detail. Some of my people have purchased Ipads, boomboxes, keyboards and etc. Photos are also taken as proof that the item is in the person’s possession. Then it is also recorded under the personal inventory section under the same tab. The guys love pulling out their bankcards and making purchases, especially when they are shopping for clothes. I tell you, they love looking good. Trust when it’s time to leave the home, they (the higher functioning) always say, “I got my money.” The challenge is making sure that staff don’t let others leave home without their money. One of my guys tells me all the time, “I always have my money and I keep my card in my wallet. I can keep it better than the staff; they lose stuff.” And you know what? I believe him. Let’s ensure all our people have access to their money!