Hello All!

Well this year instead of a whole Therap centered conference, Nebraska had an It’s My Life conference with lots of guest speakers, entertainment and of course the guys from Therap. Let me tell you it was a great conference. I just missed seeing all of everyone from Therap!

Anyways I know that there is a lot of work to be done by everyone when it comes to billing on Therap but I can’t wait to get this rolling out. Then to have all of the Service Coordinators start using the ISP Plans on Therap and everything will be able to be linked and done even quicker. It was really great to hear from the Western part of Nebraska Service Coordinators as they have been piloting these things for a while and from what I hear everything is going well and is really liked.

Otherwise things have been pretty quiet around here just still finding new things to do every day. Hope you all are trying some new things on Therap as well. Little bits at a time make things easier! :)

Have a good one!