I think I am doing things backwards… Blogging that is.  Just thought I would write something to figure out the “ins and outs” of blogging as a certified trainer.  Why do I think I am doing things backwards?  I know you are all asking this question…Well, unlike other new Certified Trainers, I volunteered to present 1-3 topics at the upcoming National Conference, then I scheduled a Webinar…which is on December 19th, and now I am writing my first blog.  Oh well… that’s just me.

First, let me introduce myself…My name is William Jones, although I go by Bill and I am a “newish” Therap Certified Trainer.  I say newish because I was certified back in early April 2014, and this is my first blog.  So on December 19th I will be doing a Webinar on “Test Mode is Awesome: Using Test Mode to ‘Pre’ Develop Documents”.  Overall, I think I am prepared…Just need to talk to my computer (which I already do) and move my mouse around the screen…how hard is that…right?  It may be a little weird if my computer answers back…don’t know yet.

So I do have a couple of questions, like should I go out and spend $1000 (actually $15) on wireless headphones with a microphone or should I just use my phone as the audio source?  Having a wireless headset has an advantage…I can use the bathroom during my presentation if I feel nervous or something.  No seriously…should I invest in a corded or wireless set?

Next question, which I am guessing a little, but do I use the TRAIN-US log in to do my presentation?  This is probably a question for Allison, but since I needed something to blog about, the blogging world gets to answer.  And, if I use the TRAIN-US log in, should I prepare a Test Mode practice document to reference during my presentation? Maybe I should log in to the TRAIN-US site to answer my own questions and/or to practice.

So this is my first blog.  Somewhere on my desk I have a list of blogging ideas that I plan to share with my blogging colleagues…just not sure where I put that darn list.  So get back with me with any suggestions, tips, etc. on doing a webinar.  Anything would be great!

Now to Post…Do I click Publish?  Here goes…