Hello Therap World!

I can’t believe that it has been 1 year since Allison had made me a trainer!  When our company first got to using Therap I thought it was the neatest thing out there.  That is probably why I bugged Allison so much to make me a trainer. All of the documentation and storage in one place…No Books….this is never going to last!  Our data will be eaten by the internet monster, things are going to get lost never to be seen again..its going to take so long to document without using a pen and paper.  Muahahah Oh what doubts some people had.  Since becoming a trainer I have learned so much from others and how they are using Therap and have gotten to pass my knowledge on to others in hopes it will make their experience better . The Therap community never disappoints..Well almost never I would still love to see something change but that is just me! :) I would really suggest that if you are the person who trains staff at your agency to talk with Allison and GET CERTIFIED!  You will have the opportunity to meet new people see what is new on Therap and ever try new things out before everyone else gets to see them!!!  Oh the perks!

Well I really hope everyone has a safe and happy holidays!

Until Next Year!