So, to begin with I wanted to say, “HI!”  I am a newly (since March) Certified Trainer.  This is my first blog post.  But I am eyebrow deep in this new Therap project I have started and thought I would take a quick breath of fresh air (while madly treading my feet) and say hi.   I am guessing that someone is saying – “well, here comes the details of this new (to this blog) person” to themselves.  I would hate to disappoint, so I will tell you a little about myself and HOPE that at least ONE person said that to themselves….

I am Jessica D. Dunn.  I work at Tobosa Developmental Services in Roswell NM.  (Yes, we have aliens; and No, they are not usually green).  I thought I should just get that out of the way.  I am currently the Incident Management Coordinator.  (Of course, I could put about 4 other titles behind that, just like most of you I am sure, but I will spare you the details). I have been with Tobosa for about 3 years but in the DD field for 11 years.  I could tell you more about myself, but I am pretty sure that is not why you are reading this blog.  Maybe if I include a few details each time that I post, you will get to know me.  Or better yet, register for our Regional Conference here in NM and come meet me.

My legs are getting tired of treading, so I guess I will go on with the actual purpose of this post – Outrageous Deadlines.  I committed us to a deadline last week.  I was very passionate (for lack of a better word) that we would get all of the “Outcomes” (for everyone getting services through our program) into Therap to begin tracking electronically (vs. paper) by MAY 1, 2015.    The discussion in which I made this commitment came only after a frustrating meeting where our huge strides with Therap were being downplayed.  I was pretty heated about the lack of acknowledgment we had gotten in our efforts. I also felt like I was needing to push our acceleration.  I have this concern that when we stop pushing, we kill it.  Like when driving a standard transmission vehicle.  If you are in gear and take your foot off of the gas, for long enough, you will kill it.  So, with great conviction, in my very confident voice I made my declaration.  It wasn’t until the next day (last Thursday) that I began counting the # of people receiving services from us that I started to get a little concerned about what I had just committed.  Upon, counting the people, I then started counting days.  I am sure that in my sub-conscious I knew when May the 1st was – but definitely, I did not know that it was a week away.

So, I retook the “ISP Program and Template” Training Academy Course for the second time (I figured I had absolutely NO time to waste, making mistakes).  Then I jumped.  Luckily, the offices on either side of mine, heard my hesitation in the form of pep talks to myself and anyone who questioned the very small time frame.  I am glad to say that they have jumped in too.  So, here we sit.  Just putting it all in.  I am proud to say that we are almost half way through our list with a few days to go.

It is a long stride but will be so worth it.  Just the sheer satisfaction of knowing that we pulled it off will be like sweet music.  It is not very often that I make such a pointedly commitment and not stick to it.  I am proud to say that I am now very knowledgeable in creating ISP Programs and Templates.

Previous to this journey, Bill Jones, our other Therap guru was the one who would do all of the ISP Programs; forms; tracking and such – so, I didn’t have to worry about it.  I have spent the majority of my time in the TMS system as well as the other basic modules.  But I am very glad to say, that I am moving across the board.   Now, I can take this fire (that got me into the mess) and instill it in others.  That is one of my ongoing missions.  I guess any teacher wants that; to put the fire they have in themselves into others; to create that passion.   I am glad to say that in the past few days I have converted 2 others and put that little spark in them.  Hopefully, it will turn into a fire (although, I don’t know if we have enough extinguishers for every one to be as fired up as I would like to see – but I am trying)!

So, since I can tell that I have just started rambling (a writing habit of mine); I will close and get back to my project – the TIME just keeps TICKING!  Thanks for letting me ramble.