Hi Trainers!
I certainly hope you enjoyed the webinar regarding the certified trainer program and tips for preparing for your presentations. As I was creating the PowerPoint for this webinar, I deviated slightly from what the topic suggested as it was a great chance to speak to new and old trainers alike. I couldn’t pass up that opportunity so, thank you for hanging in there!
I certainly hope that the “orientation” piece was a great refresher for some and covered any lingering questions for new Trainers. Speaking of “New” we have about 10+ new trainers added to the program since January. OWW!!! Please take an opportunity to reach out to them and give any useful advice ( I will create a separate blog welcoming folks).
As discussed in the recording below, presentations can be webinars, live trainings at local user groups, conducting conference sessions, and anything else we can think of in terms of assisting our fellow Therap users. While all the content was great, I am most excited about your new ideas for the program. I will be reviewing the completed surveys and pass along new ideas as they are approved. Please do not forget to submit your Therap Certified Trainer Checklist so that I can issue your certification.

Lastly, I did not spend a ton of time, if any, talking about the National Conference. However, please do not forget to register for the National Conference. We (Certified Trainers) have an exclusive reception planned and if you haven’t realized, if I am apart of it, it’s sure to be fun! If you’ve never been to a National Conference, it’s a lot of fun! I am eager to meet as many of you personally, as possible. Keep an eye out on our main website for additional National Conference information.

In closing, I am extremely honored to work with each of you! I recognize that each of you devote your personal time to helping others master Therap. Just know, your dedication does not go unrecognized.

Thank you and have a great day!!!

Happy Therap’ing,

Chelsea Newby